Sara & Kyle { Married }

A few weeks ago, as I was shooting another video about airsoft, my friend asked me to do some video at his wedding. Keep in mind I have NEVER shot anything remotely close to a wedding video, and up until I got to the house the morning of (and during) I was still googling wedding video tips.

Things that I have learned about wedding videos so far:

  1. Bring extra clothing with you, you’re going to get gross, to the point of needing to change your clothes half way through the shoot. It was about 90 out and humid and I was definitely feeling the weather.
  2. Have two cameras – I had two, but one shot a different format that I couldn’t use, so it never actually got utilized. One to get the whole ceremony, one to do the small shots.
  3. Make sure you can change your batteries easily, the rig I’m using had to be completely taken apart to change batteries.
  4. If you don’t have a camera stabilizer, get one. Some of the shots I got were very shaky, even with the shoulder rig I was using.
  5. Work with the photographer. The photographer at the wedding was one of the nicest people I’ve meet, and we tried to work together for shots to make sure we weren’t in them. Also helped with setting up shots for me to get video of. Get to know the photographer, it will save you a headache of trying to work around them later.
  6. Get a good night sleep before the big day, you’ll need it.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience, albiet tiring.

Here’s the final product, comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism is appreciated.


Sara and Kyle { married } from Primer on Vimeo.

Sara and Kyle – 7.28.2012

This was my first wedding video ever.
Comments and Suggestions are very much appreciated.

Shot with a Canon t2i with a 50mm F1.4

I’ll Stand by You – Rod Stewart
Valentine – Kina Grannis

Technicolor CineStyle

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